Author: Hisham Kassim

Pink as Proxy: What Subprime Mortgages Can Teach us about Due Diligence

As published in Magnitt, Feb. 1, 2021. Almost every due diligence project starts with a well-constructed checklist, but an experienced investigator learns the telltale signs that lurk just below the surface. Experience matters. “They’ve ticked all the boxes,” Henry said. “I know, but I still cannot recommend that you invest in this company,” I said.

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Registering Foreign Subsidiaries in MENA

Kassim Legal has created a guide that sets out the process, expected timeline, and expenses for registering a wholly-owned subsidiary in one of the main markets in the Middle East. The guide assumes that the wholly-owned subsidiary will be registered in Jordan since Jordan has one of the most complex and rigorous foreign ownership requirements

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MENA Due Diligence – Phantom Expense Discovery

As published in Magnitt, Feb. 1, 2021. If you expect fraud may be occurring, is there a practical and time-efficient way to sift through all of a company’s expenses to find whether they are all legitimate? Below is a typical example: “I think some of the company’s expenses are forged,” Sam said over the phone.

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